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Best Way To Make Money Playing Slots

Choose Best Slot Machines to Play Step 2. Understand Payout Percentages Step 3. Give Preference to Classic Slots Over Progressive Jackpot Slots Step 4. Pay Attention to New Slots Step 5. Understand Slot Variance / Volatility Step 6.

Study the Slot You are Going to Play Step 7. Explore the Pay Table Step 8. Play Demo Version Step 9. Start by recording how much money you bought into the machine for. Then track how much each spin of the reels is as a wager. Count how many spins you make. At the end of the session, record how much you lost. Multiply the number of spins by the amount you wagered per spin. Divide the amount you lost by the total amount you wagered. Trick #2: Use double up feature to regulate the volatility The double up feature (red/black) gives you the option to double your win with a 50%.

Best Way To Make Money Playing Slots - Rowan Casino

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